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Hi everyone.

I am having a few issues with our class blog sadly.  I am working on getting it up and running for us again.  Until I sort we will use Seesaw for photos.

In the meantime I hope you all had a gorgeous holiday!  I hope everyone is rested and ready for a busy term 4.

Don’t forget hats are compulsory to wear outside this term.  We are strict about this so make sure your little person has a named hat in their bag everyday.  Library day is Monday also.

Really looking forward to seeing all the little faces and hearing everyone’s news.

See you soon!





Have A Wonderful Two Week Holiday. See You On Monday 15 October

Your children have all worked incredibly hard this term.  You all deserve a rest.  I hope you can all manage to spend some extra relaxing time together in the school holidays – I know it can be a bit of juggle for those of you who work through. Thank you for your incredible support.  We have a very special parent community in Room 5.  Happy holidays and keep safe.  (AND if you would like to share any holiday photos on the blog, we would love to see all the different adventures, please email to me).   Thanks everyone. 

Hats Hats Hats Next Term

Everyone needs to remember to bring a hat to school everyday.  It is a school rule to wear a hat outside in term 4.  It is a rule we are strict about so if your child does not have a hat they can not play out in the playgound – they have to stay on the deck in the shade.  We have a harsh New Zealand sun and this is a school policy that all schools in New Zealand follow in terms 1 and 4.  Don’t forget your hat!

Teachers Versus Student Netball Game Tomorrow At Lunchtime

I am looking forward to the annual teacher versus student netball game tomorrow at lunchtime. I will take our little people down with me to watch if they would like to as we traditionally thrash our year 8 netball team. I am not very competitive but as I am a mother of a sporty intermediate teenage daughter I will certainly be playing my part in making sure we have a major victory again tomorrow!