Wow look at your bean stalk Gabriel!  You have done a great job looking after that!  Pleased to hear you had a lovely holiday climbing, swimming and playing with your friends and cousin.

Parenting Teenagers

Before teaching I was a writer and every now and then I get asked to write the odd thing. A few of us provided our views on being a parent of teenagers. Here are some general ponderings if you are interested…

Parenting teenagers brings endless decisions and hearty debates to navigate together. Now of course your children have more to say about everything.  Endless discussions on bed times, study times, phone time, what they eat, their pocket money, what extra curricular activities they do and don’t have time for, their schoolwork and how they apply themselves, or not, how they treat one another, and how they treat me, feeding the cat, doing chores, the list goes on. Dilemmas we now navigate together are breathtaking some days. And when your offspring actually become smarter than you and more effective at arguing coherently, arghhhhhh. You need a good night’s sleep to tackle the diplomatic mine fields that the teenage years bring.  In many ways I have found I have less time for me now than when the girls were younger.  But what I do know is this stage is the last step before my child turns into an adult, so what I do is important.  Parenthood is about chapters and parenting a teenager is exhausting but it is also my most favourite and rewarding challenge.  Watching my daughters turn into good humans is a source of huge pride. I can start to see some of the values I have tried so hard to install over the years come out as they navigate their way through their own worlds. 

Good Luck With The Lunchbox Routine This Term!

When the girls were younger it was a mission to get them to eat fruit in their lunchbox each day.  Olivia would only eat oranges and Georgia would only eat kiwifruit.

Schools promote healthy eating and you might have seen all the news stories recently wanting schools to make drinking water only compulsory.  We are lucky that at our school our families are really great at providing healthy lunchbox eating. Good luck with those lunch boxes this term though!  I know it isn’t always easy.

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Just love your Pikachu cake Tristan!  Sounds like you had a fun time at the holiday programme with your friends.  A big happy birthday to you!

Enjoy The Last Few Holiday Days!

Hi everyone.  Hope you enjoy these last few precious days before the mighty school, working, family juggle begins.  Only thing to really remember for Monday is please bring back your yellow sponsorship forms and money as the deadline is Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing all the little faces and hearing everyone’s news.  Our theme for this term is ‘Under the Sea’.  We are also hosting the school assembly on Friday 14 September so book it in your diaries.  See you Monday.

How Is The Holiday Reading Going?

I know I have said this before but teaching children to read is the biggest challenge in year one.  The English language has more words to learn than any other language.  Exposing children to lots and lots of different books and words is the key to building their vocabulary.

Keeping learning fun and fresh is also important, this is only the start for our little people…there is a long journey ahead.


Nadia Went To Waipu

Nadia and little brother Ralph with family entertained lovely German friends in Waipu.  AND  look at Nadia’s bean growth – you are a wonderful gardener Nadia!