Writing Books and Reading Books

Hi everyone. The reading programme stops this week so no readers will be coming home.  Writing books will be given to the next year’s teacher so these will not be coming home – this is happening school wide.  Finally the picture books in Room 5 are my girls old ones.  I have picked out the ones I would like to keep,  so you are very welcome to take home and keep any that you would like.  Help yourself from the two big baskets in the classroom. 

Last Week 😢

Sniff, sniff I can’t believe it is our last week. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Georgia and her friend Amani were ‘brave bananas’ and did the Sky Tower walk – they walked around the outside of the top rim of the very tall Sky Tower. 🙄🙄. Olivia did some baking. I was ubering the girls to and from their various parties and social adventures. Little kitten Lola had her vaccinations. 


Congratulations To These Four Fabulous Children

Well done to these four fabulous students.  Alexandra got the excelling through effort award.  Sebastian got the nurturing the human spirit award – kindness.  Nadia got the leadership award and academic excellence award.  Vanessa received the academic excellence award. Well done. We are super proud of you!