How Is The Holiday Reading Going?

I know I have said this before but teaching children to read is the biggest challenge in year one.  The English language has more words to learn than any other language.  Exposing children to lots and lots of different books and words is the key to building their vocabulary.

Keeping learning fun and fresh is also important, this is only the start for our little people…there is a long journey ahead.


Nadia Went To Waipu

Nadia and little brother Ralph with family entertained lovely German friends in Waipu.  AND  look at Nadia’s bean growth – you are a wonderful gardener Nadia!

How Are Your Holidays Going?

We  had a great few days in Greytown in the Wairarapa visiting gorgeous friends who have just got back from 18 months living in France.  So inspiring.  They have boys the same age as Georgia and Olivia and hearing about their adventures exploring Europe as a family and going to an international school was incredible.  It is nice to have them back though!  Even their dog Coco went!!!

There were lots of wood fire pizzas, bread making and porridge making in the outdoor oven.

Then we caught up with other fabulous friends in Wellington.  Georgia is a keen photographer so most photos are of her attached to one.  We use to live in Karaka Bay so always spend lots of time around there.  It is without doubt our favourite place in the world. 

We got introduced to the board game Risk and we are now addicted.  Even booked in an afternoon competition with some of our Auckland friends.

…and we visited our favourite book shop in Wellington and I got some new supplies for little Room 5.  Gave the girls a little tour of parliament too to get them inspired for their history and politic subjects at school.  We are home now which is great.  The girls will enjoy a few days in Noosa next week with their Dad, (lucky things).  How are your holidays going?


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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I hope you all enjoy a well deserved holiday!  Two weeks off making school lunches, getting up early, doing homework and rush, rush, rushing.  If you would like to share any holiday pictures on the blog, we would love to see, (just email them to me).  The girls and I are going to Greytown and Wellington next week to catch up with friends.  We use to live in Wellington and we have still got lots of friends there.  Happy holidays everyone!