We Love You Claire From Scotland!

We can’t believe we only have you for one more week lovely Claire from Scotland.  We love you so much.  You have been an absolute hero coming in and helping us with our big busy class!  Mrs Brown’s life saver for sure!!!!!

A couple of children were away today but we will try and get that complete class photo before you go Claire!!!!

Rainbow Poems

With the change of season coming tomorrow and a real change in weather, we decided to do rainbow poems today and some rainbow art.  Come and have a look.  As the weather has got colder the rainbows will cheer us up.  The children will finish their space art tomorrow so the classroom will have lots of new things for you to come and look at!

Circle Time – What Makes Us Happy

In circle time today we talked about what makes us happy.  We taught Brownie Bear that if you are feeling a bit sad or you have a bad dream, thinking about things that make you happy can help.  Mrs Brown thinks about Whittakers Wellington Supreme Coffee Chocolate and that makes her happy.  We also closed our eyes and thought of our favourite places.

Yellow Sponsorship Forms – Pick-n-Mix

This is how we do our sponsorship forms in our house. We just donate a final amount no matter how Olivia goes; we figure it is about participating and contributing to the school in this instance.  She is still motivated to take part of course but it has just been how we have always done fundraisers like this.  Just an idea for you anyway.  Otherwise you donate money for every question your child gets correct in the quiz options or for every minute they do Jump Jam or skip; for example $1 per question correct or $1 for every minute – with a total of 20 in both instances.   By the way for every $20 you raise you go into the draw for an Ipad mini.  If you have any questions, please just ask.

Welcome Shanaya

I know I said we were not expecting any more little faces in Room 5, but we will actually be now welcoming lovely Shanaya next Wednesday.  She visited us with her four month old baby brother Kenneth.  Welcome Shanaya, we know you will love being part of the Room 5 family.

Fancy Plasters

We have a wonderful collection of fancy plasters in Room 5.  I use to be a bit worried that it would create a classroom of hypochondriacs but surprisingly it doesn’t.  But when the children are in need of a plaster, our fancy ones always seem to make the ouch better.