Beautiful Grandparents!!

We are so lucky that we see so many beautiful Grandparents coming into Room 5!  We are so lucky to have a community of family members around us.  Grandparents have a very special relationship with their grandchildren.  So lovely to see you around Room 5!  Welcome.

Stick With Kindness Writing

Come and have a look at our ‘Stick with Kindness’ writing we did today.  Mrs Brown doesn’t know where to hang it yet as the classroom is so fill already! But we will find somewhere!!!!


We do sports on Wednesdays with Room 4.  We had to run with bean bags under our armpits and it was super tricky – especially when we ran around an obstacle course. We did all sorts of fun races. Mrs Turner won the teacher race.

Sebastian and Julian were the lucky Room 5 children who came to collect the equipment with Mrs Brown as Sebastian used some super kind words at morning tea and made Julian very happy.

Playground Chats

We had a little chat about keeping ourselves safe on the playground.  Accidents happen but there are some things we can do to help ourselves also like no pushing and watching out for people on the flying fox.  We are going to make sure we look after each other on the playground too!

Our Goals Are Up…

Next time you are in the classroom we have set our goals for this term, so come and have a look.  They are all different because we are all different! Some children have been in Room 5 one day, some a few weeks and some have been at school for 6 months so we are all at different stages.  The children are all doing so well.  Very proud.