Happy Weekend

Congratulations to Eriko who had her concert in the weekend.  You look beautiful Eriko and I know your singing would have been amazing also.

Congratulations to Alexandra and Vanessa who had their violin concert yesterday.  Well done ladies.  Maybe you could do something together for the annual KTS talent quest which gets held in term 4?

Hope you all got to enjoy that blue blue sky on Saturday.  We were out and about on our sporting adventures.  This was at Georgia’s Epsom Girls Grammar netball game.





AND Georgia went to an incredible 16th  birthday party on Saturday night at Eden Park.  It was organised by the MakeAWish foundation and the girls got picked up in a limo and went to celebrate with 50 other friends at an Ed Sheeran themed party.  It was incredible. (Georgia inherited my lack of height and is the little short blonde one in the middle).

…and a couple of us naughty Mums were so excited by the festivities we over stayed our welcome a tiny bit to give Ed Sheeran a little hug.  I promise you the teenage stage of parenthood is actually quite lovely and not as bad as you think!

The Castle Ship Story

Vanessa and Nadia wrote a lovely story today about a family of mice who lived in a castle ship.  Well done ladies!  (By the way ‘lovelymrsbrown’ is the username the girls typed in for the site Storybird that the girl’s use to write stories), it always pops up on the cover – I must change it to read Nadia and Vanessa instead!  It is a fabulous resource and the stories get printed out like real books!

Your Year 1 Teachers

Then there were three… we have three year 1 classrooms now – Mrs Tomich has the NE/year 1 class in Room 3 (Mrs Tomich is also our Koru team leader), Mrs Turner is in Room 4 and of course Mrs Brown has Room 5.

Year 1 Hui

On the Fridays we don’t have a school assembly we will now have a year 1 Hui where we share some work we have done for that week.  This week we shared our Matariki projects.

Then we all decorated feathers as we are going to make a collaborative year 1 Maori cloak.

Our feather cloak will be a bit like our super hero cape.

A New Role In Room 5

For the next week we have an extra super hero role.  It is Mrs Brown’s super teacher helper which comes with a spinny chair and a super hero cape.  You get a choice of three capes for the day – O for Outstanding (thanks Sarah Tanner for that match up), ST for Super Teacher Helper and G (for great student).  Our little family went to a super hero party a few years back – O for Olivia, G for Georgia and I got given a Super Teacher one.   Pleased we can make them work in little room 5.  Finn has launched us into the new role today.  We still have our three super stars of course.