Soooo Much Cuteness

Wow the Easter Bunny left us so many chocolate easter eggs.  We were super good though and only ate two and took a bag home to share with our families.  Have a gorgeous Easter holiday everyone.  See you on Wednesday.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We played a song today – twinkle twinkle little star.  We also did some cool games following the bee on the screen and watching, when the bee lands on a flower we play it a little song.  There was some great coordination and concentration going on in Room 5 in music today.

What Is The Best Thing About Teaching?

What is the best thing about teaching?  Children are hilarious!  Every day something will happen to make you smile.  This was one of my favourite letters Georgia wrote to her teacher when we moved to Auckland.  So funny!  (By the way her several teachers in Wellington were incredible, inspirational and absolutely amazing #toughcrowd #notdeservedbutveryfunny).

Teacher Union Meeting Tomorrow

I came into teaching as a career path later in life after having my daughters.  I have worked at just two schools but in that time I have seen too many teachers leave the industry or Auckland.

As a parent it upsets me that good people are not entering the profession and good people are not staying in the profession – we really do have a teacher crisis.  Something has to be done, we need some forward thinking and we need some value given back to the profession. This is why I along with the majority of our staff either attended the union meeting two weeks ago or are going tomorrow afternoon.  I hope you understand I will be going tomorrow afternoon. Team Leader Felecia will be looking after little Room 5 from lunchtime, so your children can be picked up as usual at 3 pm.

Teaching really is a profession of the heart, you couldn’t get a more non-monetary orientated group of people in my opinion but that also can’t be taken advantage of. We need to attract great people to teach our children and we need to keep good teachers in schools!!!!!  There are lots of things we need to have a great education system in New Zealand and we need teachers voices heard.  This isn’t just about teachers, this is about the children and fighting for the education system they deserve.